Haritha Diabetic Research Centre

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Haritha Diabetes Research Centre

Trust the tradition to get rid of diabetes

Haritha Diabeties Clinic introduces the traditional method of Ayurvedic healing. Our mission is to introduce the healthier Ayurvedic way of Diabetes treatment to the world. The entire research team is proud to unveil the natural healing strategies to those who is suffering out of Diabetes of those who are eager to know about Harith Diabetic Clinic.

“Get well soon without forgetting your favorite sweets”

Over years of research on diabetes care Haritha can renovate the trusted and successful diabetes treatment remedy. On evaluating the symptoms and causes we suggest most effective treatment strategy controlling excessive glucose level. Finding out what tends to raises glucose and helps our patients to bring down the causes. Just a shift to healthier life simply enjoying minor exercises and energizing tissues to keep healthier aspects bringing healing.

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Diabetes Research Centre

Diabetes cure in Ayurveda

Madhumeha is the Ayurvedic name for Diabetes. In ayurveda, diabetes is not merely treated with dietary regimen or medicine, but treated along with entire lifestyle change of the patient. Negligence of diabetes may cause many complication including joint pain, kidney failure, impotency, eye problems, urologic and sexual issues. For right treatment at right time can restore health and happiness for your family. Haritha Diabetes Research Centre developed a unique treatment method, through one can restore the whole healthy aspects of patients struggling out of diabetes. A regular and systematic treatment for diabetes regulating diet, rejuvenating tissues and thus allows secrete insulin to manage the excessive glucose level naturally.

Features of Haritha Diabetes Treatment

  • Advocates minimal intake of medicines to control sugar level
  • Recommends pure ayurvedic medicines without any harmful side effects
  • Specific exercises stimulating pancreas to secrete insulin
  • Simple and easy to perform exercise rejuvenating tissues and cells
  • Restoring confidence and create positive outlook towards life
  • Does not impose strict diet control and may even take small amount of sweet and fruits in suggested quantities.
  • Recovery from joint pain, numbness, fatigue, insomnia and sexual weakness

Ayurvedic Diabetese treatment to forget diabetes incapability's Diabetes Ayurveda treatment without bitterness and also with sweets

Diabetes Research Centre

Classes for Awareness
Every Sunday from 11. a.m. to 3. p.m.at Haritha Diabetic Research Centre Kottennellur
(Registration only through advanced booking)

  • What Is Diabetes ?
  • How Ayurveda helps in diabetes?
  • What is Haritha's natural diabetes treatment?
  • What are the simple excercises?
  • How can beat diabetes for ever?
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Consultation and OP
OP and consultation available on
From 9. a.m to 12.30 p.m at Haritha Pharmaceuticals Varandarappilly.
(Registration Not compulsory)
Phone : 0480-2760791 , 0480-2763803
We believe, diabetes is not an end to life. If you take the right turn, it could be sometimes a new way of life, to choose more wise options.

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