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Best selling ayurvedic Products of Haritha Pharmaceuticals


Raktha shuddhi

Blood Supplement
Grand blood supplement From the house of haritha.

Haritha Attinbrath

General Tonic
Indication :Vitality and post natal care

Haritha Chyavanaprasham

Recommended for all ages
Indication:General tonic & Rasayana Medicine

Haritha Cough Syrup

Ayurvedic Cough syrup
Indication:Traditional cough syrup prepared in ayurveda

Haritha PanjajeerakaGudam

General Tonic
Indication:postnatal care and used for imaciated body

Haritha Thengin Pookula Lehyam

General Medicine
Indication : backache due to the post delivery conditions, to promote lactation

Haritha Dasamoola Jeerakarishtam

General Medicine
Indication:General tonic in post delivery conditions like indigestion,dyspepsia etc.

Haritha pain balm

An ayurvedic balm for all type of external pains
Indication: All types of muscular pain and sprain

Haritha Kesapushti

A Traditional Hair Tonic
Indication: Used for hair falling dandruff and grey hair.

Haritha Nellikkarishtam

Generala Tonic
Indication : For anaemea,loss of appetate

Haritha Neelabringadhi

Traditional Hair tonic
Indication: Used for hair falling,dandruff and grey hair

Haritha Pharmaceuticals Classic Medicines

Classical Medicines

Haritha pharmaceuticals ayurvedic products manufactures classical medicines also keeping standards of quality prescribed in ancient texts of ayurveda. Haritha pharmaceuticals ayurveda products is the best place as you searching for top quality and award winning ayurvedic products from kerala. Ayurveda products remembers the virtues that creator had preserved for you in nature. Keeps your good health with out any side effects.