Testimonials - Haritha Skin Care speciality Hospital

  • Haritha helps me lot

    I was asserted, I couldn’t face anybody and I kept myself away from friends. But they suggested me this Ayurveda psoriasis treatment. It was really effective and I am really happy today. Thank you Dr.Bhattathiri and Haritha.

  • Thankyou Haritha group!!

    I had scalp psoriasis, the lotions which I usually applied are not effective but the side effects compelled me to stop treatment. When I consulted Dr. Bhattathiri he promised it will be curable and now I can feel the difference.

  • Dr.Bhattathiri Gives Me A Second Life

    I was doubtful about Ayurveda psoriasis treatment. But it was really comfortable, especially traditional practises. It changed me and my routine.

  • Personalised care and treatment. Great service!!

    It takes 10 years for me to understand the worth of Ayurveda and within 2 years I got completely cured. Thank you Haritha and Mr. Kochumon.

  • It felt pretty relaxing holidays at Haritha!!

    Apart from treatment i feel iam on a relaxing holiday mood at Haritha skincare hospital.

  • Haritha Reclaim My Life

    I too believe in nature. For psoriasis treatment through Ayurveda does not treat the symptoms it heals the causes and cures completely

  • The results were unbelievable!!!

    As I suspected how all these herbs can heal, but each day of my treatment it convinced me to hope for the best. Ayurveda helped me to cure psoriasis. Thanks a lot.

  • Thank you Haritha, Thank you Ayurveda

    My skin problems are easily cured with Haritha skin care treatment.

  • Thank you Dr.Bhattathiri

    All my body turned black on effect of medicinal allergy. Haritha helped me to retain my good complexion with skin care treatment

  • Haritha Gives My Fairness Back

    I was in search for a good pimple treatment. My faced turned red and looked fearful even to my kinds. But Haritha Skin care clinic suggested me Ayurveda methods and still I used it for complete cure.

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