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After delivery treatment for mother

After delivery treatment for mothers gets extra natural care and treatments to regain vigour and vitality.Modern and traditional medicines has same voice that mothers needed extra care after child birth to balance the hormone changes and post natal distress and uneasiness. Ayurvedic treatments help mothers to overcome postnatal complexities and also nourish her to begin a happy journey with her most expected kid. Ayurveda prescribes complete relaxation and medication to increase immunity powers and lactation. Post natal period is also demands extra concern like pre natal relaxation. 23 years old trusted and dedicated service of Haritha care gives the best traditional and customized treatment to your beloved ones and newborns.

Healthy mothers for healthier generation

Ayurveda prescribes complete relaxation and medication after child birth to recover resistance and stamina of mother who began to feed.


    Rejuvenates and relaxes mother

    Traditional oil massage for mom and baby

    Relieves tension and depression

    Herbal water bath

    Removes stretch marks

    Tighten loose stomach muscles

    Treatments for preventing hairfall

    Keeps figure and vigour of mother's

    Ayurvedic postnatal medicines

    Removes postnatal back and join pain

    Prevents wear and tear of bones


Postnatal & Maternity Specialist
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“Haritha post delivery package the ideal treatment package for modern mothers after delivery”


    Hygienic interiors

    Special care for newborns

    24 hours newborn medical assistance

    Guidance of female medical practitioners

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    Homely atmosphere

    Organic foods

    Harithacare postnatal Kit

    Newborn caretaker

    A/C and Non A/C facility

Haritha care collaborates traditional Ayurvedic oils massages herbal water bath, tummy bandage, child care etc that restores and revitalizes mothers after delivery. Under the expert guidance of female medical practitioners, Haritha post natal care department provides motherly care for mother and baby. After normal delivery our treatment can initiate after 7th day, and for caesarean, treatment begins according expert advice. Haritha after delivery treatment ensures vitality of mothers after delivery using traditional therapies and practices. Haritha is equipped with experienced ayurveda therapists and ayurveda medical practitioners to take care of your dear ones.

"Together with post natal care package, Haritha gets expert treatment for hair care, skin care, and anti-stretch mark therapy treatment also. Like your mother we know every mother in need of an extra care to keep your health even after child birth"

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Haritha After Delivery Care. The Natural Care Which We Cant In this Modern times.

Specialized Ayurveda Treatment Packages For After Delivery Treatment


After Delivery Treatment-Traditional

Traditional post natal therapy for 21 days with Ayurvedic massages, medicated bath and medication reliving pain and nourishing body. A total Ayurvedic maternity care package for mother’s after delivery.


After Delivery Treatment-Premium

Premium Post natal care package including complete rejuvenation for 21days. Ayurvedic reatments with expert advice for hair fall, back pain, stretch marks and post natal depression.


After Delivery Treatment-Custom

Customized after delivery care with extendable days for treatment. The package includes Ayurvedic care and treatment for every post delivery problems including hair fall, stretch marks, post natal depression, back pain and join pain